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Like I said in the book. I have been raised by two amazing preachers for over twenty years. That being: Joyce Meyer & Craig Groeschel.

Many areas in my book are from what I have learned from them. They have many amazing messages, but to help you not get
ovewhelmed, here's a few that I love.


Craig Groeschel:
Habits - Small disciplines. Big results

Divine Direction - Your story isn’t finished yet

Relational Vampires - Loving the people who suck the life out of you



Joyce Meyer:
Get your day started right

Don't panic, It's just a test


Another amazing preacher and gifted comedian is Michael Jr.
He has awesome messages mixed with humor. You gotta watch these!!

Punchline - Wait for it... - Your Set-Up & Punch-Line
The Fathers Voice - Learn to recognize the Father’s voice

The right response




There are so many choices out there it can be hard to find a start place. I hope these collection helps you find a start place easier.

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